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Episode 4 Cover

Yunling Ko of BlueFloat Energy

In this episode we take a deep dive into the Taiwan market with Yunling Ko, Senior Business Analyst at BlueFloat Energy. While this episode was recorded before the auctions, we still think this will contain some good nuggets of information for you all.

Episode 3 Cover

Raoul Kubitschek of Niras

Angelica speaks with Raoul Kubitschek, Managing Director of NIRAS Taiwan. Raoul is an established consultant who has been a part of Taiwans offshore wind development since its infancy, and has valuable insights into the latest developments and also the history of how today's situation came to be. Raoul spoke with Angelica about the Yunlin project, how the Control Yuan report might impact how things are done in this market, and we also take a look ahead to Taiwan's upcoming Round 3 auctions.

Unredacted Episode 2 Cover

Niels Steenberg of Siemens Gamesa

In this episode Angelica talks to Siemens Gamesa APAC Executive General Manager Niels Steenberg about offshore wind developments all around Asia Pacific and also right here at home in Taiwan. This episode was recorded back in late March, so take a trip back in time with us to when the weather was cool and the quarantines were long, and find out whats on the radar at SGRE!

Episode 1 Cover

Inaugural Epsiode with Kim Asher

In this episode first episode of the Unredacted Offshore Wind Podcast, Kim and Angelica discuss their background and share their insights into Taiwans offshore wind industry.