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Kimberley L. Asher / 金睿凰

Kimberley L. Asher is a veteran of the industry, living in Taiwan. She has around 3,000 days of working on heavy construction vessels around the world and is one of the most experienced hydrographers in the industry today. In recent years she has been more focused on strategic consulting, senior management and operational excellence and has been an Offshore Manager, Site Manager, Senior Client and Adviser for a range of world class companies as well as to a number of governments. She has a reputation as a fearless advocate for the rights of seafarers, as well as being at the forefront of developing an agenda of diversity, equity and inclusion in the offshore sector globally.

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Strength in Numbers: The Case for A Joint Naval Survey Operation in Taiwan

Image Credit: NOS/NCCOS/CCMA: NOAA's Fisheries Collection. MBES data showing seafloor topography. Editor’s note: Ms. Asher’s opinions are her own and ...