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What’s next for Yunlin OWF…and Taiwan?

“Some projects are just unlucky” 

That’s what a fellow developer said of the 640MW Yunlin offshore wind farm, originally developed by Germany’s wpd a...

Will New Administrative Contracts Spell Trouble for Round 3 Auctions?

“If these newly-announced changes to the administrative contract stand, none of our projects are going to be bankable....

Things Are Going OK in Taiwan, Actually

Construction season 2021 was my first as a reporter in offshore wind. I started working for ReNews and the stories came hard and fast…most of it bad n...

Localization in Taiwan: Policy by Powerpoint?

Taiwan’s Round 3 First Period auctions are just around the corner, with project proposals due at the end of September 2022....

Two Bridges Too Far? Taichung Port Infrastructure Upgrade Needed for Offshore Purposes

It’s just 20.6 miles from Siemens Gamesa’s (SGRE) nacelle factory in Taichung harbor to Quay 36, where the turbines for Orsted’s Greater Changhua Offshore Wind Farms are pre-assembled. But transporting nacelles that short distance can take days, and it can be just as costly as transporting the same component all the way from Europe.

An Offshore Wind Construction Worker Died on the Job. Why Aren't We Talking About It?

The ghost of the first man who died building Taiwan’s offshore wind farms first found me about two weeks after the fatal accident. I got a confidential tipoff that was strictly off the record in late October. At the time, I didn’t think much of it. I was distracted, busy. And after all, people die all the time in industrial accidents in Taiwan, don’t they? Still, I had to follow up on a fatality in the industry, especially when it went completely unreported otherwise.