Let’s take a look at what’s been going on in the Taiwan market…

  • Skyborn Renewable Energy’s Haixia project passed their environmental difference assessment. This means the the EPA determined that there was not that much difference between their initial submission and the project in its current form and the project is good to go into the Environmental Impact Assessment process. Recall that this is the last project in Taiwan with Round 2 FIT. It is the leftover capacity from then-wpd’s Liwei project, which was nixed because of proximity to an airport. Somehow that capacity found itself coming back to the same company, now renamed Skyborn Renewable Energy. Can it be done before the 2025/2026 deadline for Round 2 project?
  • Say goodbye to Swancor and hello to Synera Renewable Energy! Because the acronym is still SRE, the company doesn’t have too much rebranding to do. It’s too bad because I thought Swancor is a good name, on the other hand, since SRE is a separate company spun out of Swancor I can also see why rebranding is good to prevent any more confusion going forward. Here’s the company’s announcement post. (In Chinese the name changed from上緯新能源 to風睿能源)
  • Groundbreaking ceremony took place on Taipower’s 294.5MW Phase II wind farm, according to the Ministry of Economic Affairs. This will make it about three times as big as Taipower Phase I, one of Taiwan’s two complete offshore wind farms. The groundbreaking ceremony is for the on-shore electrical facilities. 2023 will see production of the new turbines, sea cables and offshore substations. Construction will begin in 2024. The project is due to join grid in September 2025.
  • CIP’s Changfang Xidao project has joined Taipower’s list of power generating units which is constantly monitored
  • CIP’s Taiwan CFO Keith Hsu speaks out on the need for reform to let smaller green power buyers aggregate their demand so that they can access offshore wind energy. This is an important topic and I hope to write more on it soon!

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