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Unredacted Weekly Wrapup

This is what's been going on in the Taiwan market 

FID for Ørsted Greater Changhua 2b +4 offshore wind farm

Here comes some good news at last for th...

Total Energies picks up JERA’s shares in Formosa 3

France’s TotalEnergies has emerged as the mystery buyer who scooped up the stake of Japan’s JERA in the Formosa 3 project. Corio Generation will continue to be the majority shareholder. 

After Shen, who will take the lead on Taiwan’s offshore wind development?

Taiwan’s offshore wind industry says goodbye to Vice Premier Shen Jong-chin, both a dogged defender of the nascent industry and a heavy-handed proponent of localization. Who will replace “the strongest grandpa on the face of the planet?”


Taiwan floats bigger projects for 2028 demos

Developers eyeing Taiwan’s upcoming floating market will be going into the year of the Rabbit with an extra spring in their step....

Is Financial Close in doubt for Hai Long?

Is Financial Close for NPI’s 1,044MW Hai Long OWF project a slam dunk? Unfortunately, the answer is no.

Local reports: Financial Crisis at Yunlin Offshore Wind Farm?

The Chinese language Economic Daily News (EDN) reported that Skyborn Renewable Energy’s 640MW Yunlin Offshore Wind Farm has turned to their financial ...

Taiwan Round 3 Auction award order revealed

Taiwan’s Bureau of Energy announced yesterday that ten of the eleven wind farm projects submitted by six developers for Round 3.1 qualified for the 3GW auction. Since the cap on every developer is 500MW, we can surmise even before the announcement yesterday that every developer will get a project. Let’s take a look at the list of qualified projects and do some detective work on which six is most likely to be developed. 

ICYMI: Taiwan News Roundup 11/25

Let’s take a look at what’s been going on in the Taiwan market…

Skyborn Renewable Energy’s Haixia project passed their environmental difference asses...

Japan’s JERA to bail out of F3 project

UPDATE 7th Oct: JERA has denied that it is withdrawing from the Taiwanese market....

DOCUMENT DUMP: Seabed Allocation Explanatory Session (8/22)

On August 22nd, the Taiwanese Bureau of Energy (BoE) hosted an "explanatory session" on the thorny problem of overlapping projects in Round 3 bidding....

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