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Hard Landing ahead for Taiwan’s Round 3.1?

Industry insiders are sounding the alarm that Taiwan’s Round 3. 1 projects could be “headed for a hard landing. ” The 6 projects that came out of auctions at the end of 2022 for construction in 2026/2027 have yet to sign their administrative contracts. With the deadline for signing looming at June 30th, a number of developers are not yet ready to sign. Any further delays to the administrative contract deadline, which has already been extended, would impact the planned Round 3. 2 auctions (for construction 2028/2029). Speculation has been rife over which of the 6 developers awarded projects would be willing to sign the administrative contracts, with industry insiders estimating only about half the developers would be in a position to ink the contract. Speaking to Taiwan Offshore Wind Unredacted, a developer who declined to be identified said they have been unable to find Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (CPPA) contracts in the NT$5-5. 5/kWh (€150-170/MWh) range that they need to finan...

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Unredacted Weekly Wrapup

This is what's been going on in the Taiwan market 

FID for Ørsted Greater Changhua 2b +4 offshore wind farm

Here comes some good news at last for th...

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Total Energies picks up JERA’s shares in Formosa 3

France’s TotalEnergies has emerged as the mystery buyer who scooped up the stake of Japan’s JERA in the Formosa 3 project. Corio Generation will continue to be the majority shareholder. 

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After Shen, who will take the lead on Taiwan’s offshore wind development?

Taiwan’s offshore wind industry says goodbye to Vice Premier Shen Jong-chin, both a dogged defender of the nascent industry and a heavy-handed proponent of localization. Who will replace “the strongest grandpa on the face of the planet?”


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Taiwan expands floater demo in highly anticipated update

Developers eyeing Taiwan’s upcoming floating market will be going into the year of the Rabbit with an extra spring in their step....

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Hard Landing ahead for Taiwan’s Round 3.1?

Industry insiders are sounding the alarm that Taiwan’s Round 3. 1 projects could be “headed for a hard landing....

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Decoding Round 3's Administrative Contract

The Taiwanese Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) finally released the long-awaited administrative contract for Round 3 of offshore development....

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INTERVIEW: Dr. Martin Skiba of German Offshore Initiative

Unredacted. biz would like to thank the German Offshore-wind Initiative (GOI) for sponsoring in part my trip to WindEnergy Hamburg 2022. There, I had ...

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2022 Taiwan's Year in Review

With this year's auctions in the rearview mirror and the construction season just about over (except for the most masochistic crews), it's time for us...

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What’s next for Yunlin OWF…and Taiwan?

“Some projects are just unlucky” 

That’s what a fellow developer said of the 640MW Yunlin offshore wind farm, originally developed by Germany’s wpd a...

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Will New Administrative Contracts Spell Trouble for Round 3 Auctions?

“If these newly-announced changes to the administrative contract stand, none of our projects are going to be bankable....

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Things Are Going OK in Taiwan, Actually

Construction season 2021 was my first as a reporter in offshore wind. I started working for ReNews and the stories came hard and fast…most of it bad n...

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Localization in Taiwan: Policy by Powerpoint?

Taiwan’s Round 3 First Period auctions are just around the corner, with project proposals due at the end of September 2022....

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