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ICYMI: Taiwan News Roundup 11/25

Let’s take a look at what’s been going on in the Taiwan market…

Skyborn Renewable Energy’s Haixia project passed their environmental difference assessment. This means the the EPA determined that there was not that much difference between their initial submission and the project in its current form and the project is good to go into the Environmental Impact Assessment process. Recall that this is the last project in Taiwan with Round 2 FIT. It is the leftover capacity from then-wpd’s Liwei project, which was nixed because of proximity to an airport. Somehow that capacity found itself coming back to the same company, now renamed Skyborn Renewable Energy. Can it be done before the 2025/2026 deadline for Round 2 project?
Say goodbye to Swancor and hello to Synera Renewable Energy! Because the acronym is still SRE, the company doesn’t have too much rebranding to do. It’s too bad because I thought Swancor is a good name, on the other hand, since SRE is a separate company spun out of Swancor...

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ICYMI: Taiwan News Roundup 11/25

Let’s take a look at what’s been going on in the Taiwan market…

Skyborn Renewable Energy’s Haixia project passed their environmental difference asses...

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Japan’s JERA to bail out of F3 project

UPDATE 7th Oct: JERA has denied that it is withdrawing from the Taiwanese market....

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DOCUMENT DUMP: Seabed Allocation Explanatory Session (8/22)

On August 22nd, the Taiwanese Bureau of Energy (BoE) hosted an "explanatory session" on the thorny problem of overlapping projects in Round 3 bidding....

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Taiwanese Banks Spooked by Round 3 Projects?

Are local banks here in Taiwan approaching offshore wind projects with increasing trepidation? Interesting reports have emerged in local media citing ...

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2022 Taiwan's Year in Review

With this year's auctions in the rearview mirror and the construction season just about over (except for the most masochistic crews), it's time for us...

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Offshore Wind Localization report by the Control Yuan (Angelica’s Edit)

What exactly is the Control Yuan and why should you care? Well, if you work in Taiwan’s offshore wind development, a really good reason just dropped a...

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Rising Commodity Prices Hits Taiwan’s Projects

It’s no secret that the global surge in commodity prices has hit turbine makers hard, but for Taiwan’s Round 3 projects and Round 2 projects that have...

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“The hardest part is over” Q and A with Director Chen

Today Unredacted sat down for a Q and A with Chen Chung-Hsien, director of the Energy Technology Division at the Bureau of Energy....

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Will New Administrative Contracts Spell Trouble for Round 3 Auctions?

“If these newly-announced changes to the administrative contract stand, none of our projects are going to be bankable....

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Things Are Going OK in Taiwan, Actually

Construction season 2021 was my first as a reporter in offshore wind. I started working for ReNews and the stories came hard and fast…most of it bad n...

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Localization in Taiwan: Policy by Powerpoint?

Taiwan’s Round 3 First Period auctions are just around the corner, with project proposals due at the end of September 2022....

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The Doom for Offshore Wind Talents in Taiwan is on the Horizon

In Taiwan, seafaring is among the few hidden, inglorious career options that offer decent, developed-country-level earnings....

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